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A Familiar & Caring EnvironmentThe Hospice Promise

We’ll Be There for You

In choosing Hospice, patients and families make a decision to spend their last months together in a familiar and caring environment. With Hospice’s supportive services, there’s a sense of relief as trained professionals offer care and guidance.

Hospice cares for both patient and family through the services of a team that includes the attending physician, nurses, social service counselors, home health aides and volunteers.

Experts in pain and symptom control, Hospice staff focus on continuity of care addressing the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of patients and families.

Decisions are made based on the individualized needs of patients, with the realization that something more can always be done to bring comfort and dignity to those dealing with a life limiting illness.

A Philosophy - Not A Place

Rather than a place, Hospice is a philosophy — a program of care and support wherever patients need us. Hospice services extend to any location — a home, the hospital, an assisted living facility (ALF) or nursing home. No one needs to die alone as Hospice reaches out to any setting to provide full support.

Hospice Offers ChoicesChoices

Most people do not want to die alone in sterile, impersonal surroundings, hooked up by tubes to machines and cut off from their families and friends and everything that is familiar. Nor do they want to die in pain.

People would prefer, if possible, to spend their last days at home — alert and free from pain — among the people and things they love.

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