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Bereavement Support

Working Through Grief

The Hospice support system continues after the death of a loved one with bereavement counselors assuming the support role. With the help of volunteers, they maintain a contact with family members through telephone calls and support groups for up to one year after a patient's death, if requested.

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Individuals may experience various stages of grief at different times. Hospice professionals are able to recognize these stages and help survivors come to terms with personal feelings as well as those of other family members.

Hospice has developed a variety of support systems to help families and friends work through this grieving process, recognizing identifiable steps that can occur in any combination or sequence.

The often confusing reactions to death are not only difficult for the individual, but also can temporarily split a family apart at a time when they need mutual support. Hospice counselors work with individuals and the family as a whole to allay emotional threats, providing the support that adds comfort through understanding.

Bereavement Counselors
Hospice has special bereavement counselors on staff whose primary responsibility is working with bereaved families. They lead a team of bereavement volunteers who maintain telephone contact with surviving family members, if requested, for up to one year following the death of a Hospice patient.

Even though the majority of Hospice patients are adults, special bereavement services are offered for children and their families who have experienced a death of a loved one. Our Children’s Counselor is an expert in helping children and their families deal with illness, grief and loss. Hospice also works through the school system to enhance this support program.



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Memorial Services
Non-denominational memorial services are held twice a year to remember Hospice patients who have died. These services provide an opportunity for families and Hospice team members to grieve together while paying tribute to loved ones.

Support Groups
Many Hospice family members find that our free support groups are helpful in dealing with grief from loss. Led by our bereavement counselors, participants choose their own level of sharing, and all conversation is strictly confidential.

These groups are open to the public. They serve as a means for people to share like experiences, offering an understanding camaraderie that often serves as a basis for future socialization, which is an important part of the healing process.

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